The community is our first priority

Affordable housing

Samfylking is a social democratic political party that emphasizes on making available safe, affordable housing for everyone in the community. We work towards insuring sufficient land with a variety of options on the property market. Hafnarfjörður has lagged behind when it comes to the development of residential housing and that we wish to change.

Preschool issues

There is an urgency to make advancements in preschool matters and find solutions regarding how to increase the number of practicing preschool teachers. There is a need to build more preschools with infant and toddler departments as well as specialised infant and toddler preschools. The most important project is to build a preschool in the Suðurbær area, close to Öldutúnskóli.

Pensioners´ individuals needs

There is an increase in the number of old age pensioners in our community and it is of great importance that their individual needs are met. Additional nursing facilities are imperative, as is an increase in home care, with an insurance that there will be realistic opportunities for individuals to reside in their homes for as long as possible.


Our town

We are a democratic political party with the main objective of ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to partake in society.

We want to build a community for everyone. A community that encourages equal rights and freedom, protects the environment, strives for human rights and supports a competitive spirit.

10 Other reasons why you should vote for us

  1. Strong primary schools with a good environment for both students and staff
  2. A shorter working week – focusing on more family time
  3. Improved public transport system within and around Hafnarfjörður
  4. Emphasis on democracy – where people can participate in decision making
  5. Children‘s rights – Adaption of the UN´s Convention on the Rights of the Child
  6. Emphasis on culture and the arts
  7. Diversity in the workforce
  8. Improved access and facilities at our unique nature surroundings
  9. Sustaining an environmentally friendly community
  10. Encouraging responsibility for public health